“There is nothing better than the taste of the first tomato from the vine or a deliciously sweet carrot pulled fresh from the earth. It's so good, we think it's an experience worth sharing!”

-nat and bryde 

Pak Choi, Mixed Quinoa with Thai Basil, Radish, Toasted Penauts and Soy, Ginger and Chilli Dressing

Our greatest reward is not only growing the best quality veg we can but also being able to eat it!  Food is a truly exciting way to celebrate the seasons, and by creating exciting and flavourful menus, crafted from the plants we grow, we hope to share some of the excitement of the farm.  That's the inspiration behind our Seed to Plate Catering .  We aim to reflect the journey of the seeds we sow in each plate of food we serve.  With over 70 varieties of  homegrown vegetables, fruits and herbs to choose from, we strive to celebrate the complexity and diversity of flavour that plants have to offer. Eating from our farm gives us a tangible sense of connection to the land and the produce constantly inspires us to explore creative ways of letting our ingredients take centre stage.  Whether we are preparing delicious freshly picked salads for our weekly farmers markets or creating an innovative bespoke menu for your wedding or event, we are sure you will be able to share with us the excitement of the food - from seed to plate.

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Grow the love! Marriages are an amazing opportunity to express yourselves as a couple and it truly is a lovely moment when all of your friends and family come together round the table to feast in celebration of your commitment to each-other. We love working with couples to make sure that their wedding meal is a real highlight of their day. We offer a very personal service and pride ourselves on providing unique, sustainable and authentic menus.  All of our menus are plant-based but we can guarantee that they will please even your carnivorous guests!   We can cater for a variety of dietary requirements - just let us know the details and we will do our very best to accommodate you.   

We also offer wedding cakes, made with organic ingredients and decorated with fruits and edible flowers from the farm.  If you would like to discuss your event, please give us a call on 07899609410 or fill in our enquiry form and we will come back to you with a quote. 

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Private Events



From hearty buffet dinners on the HMS Unicorn to rustic outdoor feasts in the grounds of Kelburn Castle and fine dining services in a converted stable, we have enjoyed working in many fantastic and unusual venues.  Whatever your event, we are able to tailor our services to your requirements, whether you are looking for a fine dining style meal or a relaxed get together. The one constant is that every meal will be ingredient led with fantastic seasonal produce from our farm. 

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Market Stalls

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Our market stalls are at the heart of what we do.  On a Friday morning we take a walk around the farm to plan our menu for the week, and then that afternoon we harvest what we need and take it home to spend the evening busy in the kitchen.  We normally cook a variety of salads and savoury pastries and the aim is always to create something that is healthy, vibrant and delicious. See our events page to find out which markets we will be attending.



our chef


Since a young age Nat has had a passion for food and has always enjoyed nothing more than tinkering away in the kitchen. The farm provides Nat with an outlet to explore unusual and interesting ingredients. Working so closely with the produce allows us to make the very most of what we grow - by harvesting crops at exactly the right moment to guarantee their ultimate freshness and flavour. In 2017, Nat won the Le Cordon Bleu UK scholarship competition and subsequently spent a year in London training at one of the most highly regarded culinary arts schools in the world and gaining valuable experience in Michelin starred restaurants. Nat uses the expertise he has gained to make our produce the star of the show and creates truly amazing plant-based menus which emphasise the amazing flavours found on the farm and the surrounding area.