Crop Diversity

At Falkland Kitchen Farm we grow over 70 varieties of fruit, veg and herbs. Managing the farm in a way which supports a diversity of cultivated plants is an issue very close to our hearts. One of the biggest tragedies in our food system is that out of the estimated 5,500 plant species in the world that have been used for human food (Kew, 2015) only three species (rice, wheat and maize) now make up over 50% of our plant-derived calories worldwide (FA0, 1997).  This has resulted in 940 species of cultivated crops being threatened globally.  This has a negative impact on human health as healthy eating guidelines around the world recommend eating multiple food groups all comprised of diverse foods.  The loss of agricultural biodiversity also threatens our ability to adapt to a changing climate, manage pests and diseases in a sustainable way and protect soil health and habitats for wildlife.  We  keep these issues in mind when designing our sowing schedules and incorporate a mix of traditional open pollinated varieties and new varieties that have been bred in a sustainable way.  Our aim is to create a diverse ecosystem which produces the most delicious and exciting veg, whilst also conserving the agricultural biodiversity which has been cultivated by generations of growers before us!